Christmas in Your Monastery

Christmas in Your Monastery

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Joy in the Liturgy,

hope in the canticles of the Church,

hymns which give utterance to love,

and ease in the heart

remembering in the silence of the abbey

the humility of Mary,

the chastity of Joseph,

the love of God.


What joy it gives us to know

that we depend on God’s will.

Here, there, what does it matter?

Wither we may go,

wherever we may be,

so long as our heart isn’t separated from that of Jesus,

what have we to fear?

St Rafael Arnaiz y Baron (+1938) Trappist Monk


Blessed second week of Advent. May you continue to find Christmas in your monastery…

Wherever it is.






  1. Theresa
    Dec 11, 2013

    Just love this Caroline…quotes like these just immediately bring peace.

    I am reading Fr. Victor-Antoine’s book, *A Monastery Journey to Christmas*. As usual…so simple yet profound. Much needed for the burn out that is approaching!


    • Caroline
      Dec 11, 2013

      Theresa, Yes, I can relate to that feeling of approaching burnout! Finding simple words like this when I’m disjointed with the busyness of life, remedies what whole books can’t touch. I will have to look up Father’s book.
      Blessed Advent +

  2. Nancy
    Dec 12, 2013

    Absolutely wonderful!

    • Caroline
      Dec 12, 2013

      Nancy, This is one to keep on my fridge or in my pocket! Blessings +

  3. Trish
    Dec 12, 2013

    This is a wonderful quote Caroline!
    Christmas in your monastery…sounds so lovely.
    I hope yours is beautiful!
    love..Trish xx

    • Caroline
      Dec 12, 2013

      Thank you Trish, Every year I look to the Lord’s coming and pray that many find renewed hope In Him!
      So good to “see” you here.
      Blessings and +

  4. Karin
    Dec 12, 2013

    “…so long as our heart is not separated from that of Jesus…” if only I could remember that~all fear would dissipate.
    Thanks for sharing this, Caroline.
    Continued Advent blessings!

    • Caroline
      Dec 12, 2013

      Yes, Karin, If only I could remember that, too ~ especially when the enemy sticks his nose in where I least expect it!
      Blessings to you for a beautiful Advent. +

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