Giants in the Land

Giants in the Land



I love going back to my old Bibles and reading the notes I wrote in them years ago. They remind me of many hard fought battles won because the Lord’s arm was ‘never too short ‘ to deliver me out of whatever difficulty I was in. ( Num 11:23)

Recently, in reading through the Book of Numbers I came across this little notation I scribbled under Chpt 14, where the Israelites rebel and refuse to enter Canaan after Caleb returned from his spy mission to the promised land,


Giants in the land is only an indication that I have arrived. Will I have underlying faith in God like Joshua and Caleb or the sinful attitude of the other spies?


I wonder what crisis I was in at the time ? I don’t remember, but as I read it today I thought of how many giants are in our land and how we like Caleb will have a choice of what kind of report we give. Ten spies returned from the land of milk and honey saying it’s all ” bad news” and the taking of the land beyond their ability, (Num 13:31) but Joshua and Caleb reported the exact opposite.


Caleb even “quieted the people” and assured them they were well able to overcome and take possession of the land (13:30) because God had promised. And he reminded them that the Lord delights in His people.


Their response? Stone him. Rather than listen to the voice of exhortation, they’d rather kill him.

God’s response? His glory comes down to save the lives of His faithful servants. (vs 10)


This is the kind of adversity we’re facing in our day. We have a God who delights in us, who will show us the way to the land of promise, and desires to give us ‘good fruit,’ but when some peek into that land….they see only the giants.


If you dare come back with a report faithfully standing for the truth of God’s Word, you’d better be prepared to face adversity.

It will take fortitude and courage to stand as Caleb did. Another marking in my old Bible had a star next to it, which I think is the key to understanding his character;


But my servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit and has followed me fully, I will bring into the land which he went, and his descendants will possess it.

–Numbers 14:24


He had a “different spirit.” Caleb didn’t care if he was like everyone else, he was determined to stand for the truth whether or not it went along with what everyone else thought…he wasn’t looking for popularity with the world;

He was looking to obey God.  (John 15:19; John 17:14; 1 John 3:13)


Due to no fault of his own, Caleb was forced to wander in the wilderness for forty years. He suffered because of the faithlessness of the children of Israel. The steadfastness of Caleb’s commitment to God during these troubling (and wasted) years is a great testament to the character of the man. it is indeed difficult to stay the course when others bring undeserved heartache and problems to us. Through all this, Caleb never blamed God but simply trusted God and waited for the day when he would be allowed to cross over to the Promised Land.

—Mike Riley


So, we have giants in the land and in our personal lives..

OK, we’re surrounded.

It’s only an indication we have an opportunity to “follow Christ fully”,

to trust in God’s promises, to give a good report and to see His Glory.

We’ve arrived.








  1. Karinann
    Mar 27, 2012

    So glad your comments are up and running again, Caroline.
    Yes we do seem to live in a land of scary giants, but the good news is we know how the story ends and if we follow Christ faithfully, we will be taken to that place He has prepared for us.
    God bless.

    • Caroline
      Mar 27, 2012

      Thanks Karinann… I’m glad to have company here again. : ) I hope the spam stays under control.
      I never imagined how many giants we’d be surrounded by, but knowing how the story ends and that God is faithful is our hope,
      isn’t it ?
      Blessings and +

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