God doesn’t send us into ‘reverse arks’

It’s as close to my heart as if it were yesterday; a warm summer Atlanta day, an overcast sky, a forecast for rain, yet no threats of any tornado’s on the horizon for which our area was prone, though as a young mother, it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t praying  a ‘scar’t prayer’… or two.

We didn’t have a basement in that precious house; just an underground kind of…. ark in reverse.  Under the house and adjacent to the deck was a large crawl space accessible only through a wooden latch door. It did have concrete walls, but the ground was left unfinished and always became muddy after a soaking rain. Why the builder chose not to finish it I’ll never know. It was as if he forgot to complete a portion of the house. So, in a pinch you could go in to shelter from a storm, but if you hung in there long enough .. you might get buried in the mud.

In the years we were privileged to live in that house, the Lord taught me two critical lessons about trusting Him: First, in a storm, He would never trick me into sheltering  in a reverse ark , and second, the storm is not an indication that He only “loves me in pieces”.

The Lord brought that old crawl space to mind the other day. Don’t you love when He does a “remember when” to remind us of how He’s taken care of us in the past, how He always provides and maybe– how sometimes–we can become so anxious and restless in the current storm in our lives, we miss the fact that He would never make us shelter in a “reverse ark”.

As if He only gives Himself in “fractured pieces” or would trick us into providing the opposite of what we pray for.




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