I’ve been tagged by my friend Joyce for a a ‘meme’ that originated with mulier-fortis….He apparently has a new kindle– to which I haven’t yet succumbed. Not that I haven’t tried; it just doesn’t work out for me.


We are asked in this ‘meme’ (an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture..The word meme is a shortening (modeled on gene) of mimeme (from Ancient Greek μίμημα Greek pronunciation: [míːmɛːma] mīmēma, “something imitated), to name three of our favorite religious books, followed by tagging five others to do the same.


I encounter two problems with this. First, I have no idea how to narrow my choices down to three. There are so many books that have stood the test of time and remained with me through my Protestant years and my reversion to the Catholic faith.


Second, all the people I know already get named which is why I love to meet new bloggers when they visit here…

New friends broaden the horizons as they say.


So, my three books have been wrested from out of the treasury on my bookshelves. Two of them have tear-stains on them because they were my friends when I thought I had none. One was given to me four years ago by my spiritual director the first week she met me. It doesn’t have tear stains….just pages of underlining. Not counting the Bible, (which I read before and above any of my favorite books) I like either the Revised Standard Version or the Douay Rheims, here are my other three:


  • Streams in the Desert, Mrs Charles E Cowman. This is the one with tear stains. The first edition was released in 1925.  They are the thoughts, quotations and inspirations which helped sustain Mrs Cowman during her missionary years in Japan and China. —“particularly the six years she nursed her dying husband.”
  • The Practice of the Presence of God, Brother Lawrence. These are the compelling words written by a cloistered 17th century brother, “whose only ambition was to remain always in the presence of God.” This book has been on my shelf over 25 years.
  • This Tremendous Lover, M. Eugene Boylan. This is the one my spiritual director gave me and told me to reread every year ….very slowly. It is a spiritual classic in which a Trappist monk “speaks clearly and perceptively to the world of priest, religious or layperson still ” in the world”. “
Now for others to pass on the “meme” : Trish, Karinann, and Lena ….My other two friends were already taken!
Here’s a belated, random, funny story in case, like me, you find yourself in need of a smile by the end of the day.
I took my nephews to a concert at church the other night and then they had a sleepover. My husband gets me up at 7:00 AM because they’re up and ready for breakfast.
Aunt Caroline, the oldest asks…can I have some sausages with my pancakes?
Next thing I know my husband is spitting out his coffee and laughing so hard he got me started and both of us couldn’t stop.
What’s so funny? my nephew asks.
To which my witty husband says;
There hasn’t been any meat in that refrigerator for over 15 years. Son, if you want some meat we’re going to have to go get us a squirrel out back.
I’m still smiling….
On the menu tonight….Vegetarian Minestrone…..no squirrels.
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  1. Karinann
    Feb 15, 2012

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier, Caroline and for the tag. I recently read Practice in the Presence of God and loved it. I am off to post my 3 favorites.
    God bless.

    • Caroline
      Feb 16, 2012

      Thank you for visiting Karinann..I love your blog and as soon as I get a spare minute I’m going to link your beautiful site. Looking forward to seeing your 3 favorites.

      Blessings and +

  2. Joyce
    Feb 16, 2012

    That is just too funny! Glad to hear no squirrels were harmed in the creation of this post! I didn’t realize your husband was a vegetarian as well. That simplifies things a bit, doesn’t it?
    Thanks for the smile, I needed it :)

    • Caroline
      Feb 16, 2012

      Joyce…Even funnier is that…he’s not !!! He’s just resigned to me not cooking it and has meat when we go out to eat…
      Bless his heart. Glad for your smile…I needed it too : ) +

  3. Patricia
    Feb 17, 2012

    Caroline, just returned from being away. What a fun meme! Joyce tagged me also, and I’d better do this fast, because my friends are quickly being snatched up for this one. : )

    I love This Tremendous Lover, and haven’t read it in ages. I think I’ll get it out..perhaps for Lent. So glad you chose it.

    Hilarious story about the sausages! I wish I could have seen the faces of the boys : )

    Actually, I think the food you cook sounds delicious.

    Off to contemplate books….


    • Caroline
      Feb 17, 2012

      Patricia, I hope you had a great time being away..Aren’t these memes fun? You learn so much about everyone.

      Maybe I’ll read that for Lent too! I was going to read one of Pope Benedict’s books, but I really have to invest time and attention when I do…I love his books, but they’re not an easy read..: )

      Yes, the squirrel story….The boys just gave me a big hug cause they didn’t want me to feel bad, although they did enjoy the laugh too!

      Can’t wait to see your list…

      Love and + C

  4. Colleen @ ID
    Feb 19, 2012

    Hi, Caroline. I only have read Practice of the Presence of God and look forward to reading your other two selections. Thank you!

    • Caroline
      Feb 19, 2012

      Thanks for stopping by Colleen…Isn’t that the great thing about sharing the memes?..We learn from one another and find company on our journey’s. Blessings and +

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