Not, no – just like the devil- but, yes and Amen

Bad mothering..Every mother’s nightmare whether Christian or not.

In the latest Church Militant Vortex, we learn of a mother who, writing in a public newspaper column, celebrates her son’s leaving the faith. Normally, I back off mom’s decisions they make with their children keeping my opinions to myself, especially since through my 15 years of homeschooling everyone and their Aunt Tillie as they say, had one. For many years, I thought I owed everyone an explanation for God’s calling on my family and everyone who tried to hide their disapproval behind a twisted expression; but they only gave me great grief.

However, I will admit there is a point to be made here on how the faith is being destroyed generationally, owing to the poor catechesis of the last fifty years. After you watch the video, scroll down and see the response of one named Joanna Stafish. I re-post it here (emphasis mine):


O wow! What a proud moment for mom. Her son stood up and said: “NO!” Just like the devil.


But does that really surprise you? In the day and age where even homeschooling families keep their standards of morality in education only until college, and then off vast majority of them go straight into the rat race. Most of the homeschooling families send their kids off to college, to the very bowels of hell, the devil’s playground, where he does his drafting rounds. Next to nobody wants to marry their kids off early. Nobody wants their son to get a job after high school and a few months of courses in some technical institute.


Nobody wants their daughters to be purely dedicated wives and mothers. And that’s the most faithful out of faithful Catholics. Trust me. Seen it first hand. When they say that you have to be like little children to enter the kingdom of God, they mean, maybe those average or below people, but of course not their, oh so gifted and talented daughter, who by the time she should normally be married and pregnant with her third or so child, she will be too busy writing her dissertation.


You look at this mother and you see an average mother in today’s western society, where wisdom and intellect, instead of being used, like everything else, for the purpose of achieving holiness that leads to heaven, are used to get the most of the worldly things – pleasure, money, and prestige.


Just look at this boy. Way too smart, to be following the good shepherd, like the rest of the flock of some mediocre sheep. No, he’s way too special, distinct, too cream of the crop. He is more like a goat. Stubborn and rebellious. Using his God given intellect, for his own prideful and selfish reasons not to follow. Just like the father of all goats, Satan himself once did, with his own also God given superior.


Maybe his mama ought to tell him how the story ends, how the goats being first placed on the Master’s left side will hear the most terror inflicting words: ” Depart from me, you who are cursed into the eternal fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.”


Ad Jesu per Mariam.


Unfortunately, like Joanna, I can say I’ve seen it firsthand, even in homeschooling families, sadly, even my own. Can you find holiness in the universities? Can a child find the narrow road in Western societies culture of career and advanced degrees? Of course you can. Anything’s possible with God if that is the path He calls you to. As soon as I write this many will respond of their own children’s spiritual success in the universities and good for them.

But, there is no question it is a very narrow road, especially with the confusion coming from the hierarchy of Church these days, which almost seems to encourage a love for doing as you will, rather than as God instructs.

When I launched out into the deep of the home-school journey, having given up my own career to embark on the unknown, I had to trust that God would keep His promises to me. The first Scripture He gave me back in the day was

Is 54: 13:

“And all your sons will be taught of the LORD;
And the well-being of your sons will be great.”


I held onto to it then and I still do today because  God’s Word cannot return void despite that enemy has, for now, trampled on that investment. It was never on my radar to imagine how hard he would come against my family.

But, during those years, I had many wise spiritual counselors. One I remember in particular today as I pray that any wisdom and intellect God ever blessed me with was first used for my children; never to celebrate their leaving the faith, but praying with St Monica until there are no more tears and faith is restored. One afternoon when I shared with a missionary friend- whose work took them behind the iron curtain- that homeschooling was a great personal sacrifice, he responded,


You once told me you were willing to give up your life for Christ on the mission field. Why would you assume that is in a foreign land?


A Christian mother is a missionary when she sacrifices all for her family; when she counts not the cost even if that means in the sacrifice of her her devotion, there is no security for her future except Christ.


Why would you be willing to die for the faith in a foreign country and not in your own home?


This is a true missionary.


Would you believe my friends, that after all these years, that is exactly where I find myself today? In transition and trusting in Christ alone ?

Was it bad mothering to surrender all, to teach my sons about the love of God yet, insist they know the end of the story? No judgment on the other mom, but as for me and my house — this is the way I rode it out.

The devil’s answer is always “non serviam”, but the promises of God are yes and amen.

Since the world’s on fire, I’m wondering if we don’t need more missionaries on the home front these days.




  1. Nancy Shuman
    Jul 16, 2016

    “Why would you be willing to die for the faith in a foreign country and not in your own home?” BAM. This is wonderful – thank you!

    • Caroline
      Jul 16, 2016

      Hi Nancy, Thank you.. I’ve been on a bit of a writing hiatus owing to the difficult transition I’m in right now..But soon, I hope to be right back on track! Blessings and always good to see you here.

  2. Victor S E Moubarak
    Jul 23, 2016


    God bless.

    • Caroline
      Jul 23, 2016

      Greetings to you Victor! So good to have a visit from you. +

  3. Patricia
    Jul 27, 2016

    Caroline…so glad you are writing again. Love what the missionary told you. BAM, as Nancy said.
    The LORD gave me a Scripture too, relative to my son during those darkest days. It has begun to be fulfilled, but hopefully, it will reach its fullness one day. Yes, keep praying and clinging with faith to the Faithful One. I cling with you. My son was about 32 before any light began to shine after 17 years of living a nightmare.

    I want to e-mail soon, but it will be from my aol account…so look for that. Yahoo is so overwhelmed with junk mail that I rarely check it. New baby due here any day now

    You know you are in my prayers. Please pray for me. ❤️

    • Caroline
      Jul 27, 2016

      Patricia…I have thought of you so often these past several months.
      Those Scriptures the Lord gives us to cling to are such a comfort and I’m happy to know that those years you prayed and trusted, are seeing some fruit. I remember we said we’d never stop praying for our children and grandchildren.
      I’ll look for your e-mail soon.. Blessings on the new baby, too!
      You will be in my prayers. +

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