A toleration that is treachery

A toleration that is treachery


As we journey into Holy Week, knowing our Savior loved His Church and gave Himself up for her, here is a fitting quote we may well consider:


There is a toleration which is treachery; there is a peace which issues paralysis. There are hours when the Church must say no to those who ask communion with her and in the doing of her work on the basis of compromise. 


Such standing aloof may produce ostracism and persecution, but it will maintain power and influence.


If the churches of God in the cities today were aloof from the maxims of the age, separated from the materialistic philosophies of the schools, bearing witness alone to the all sufficiency of Christ and the perfection of His salvation, even though persecuted ostracized and bruised, it would be to the church that men would look at the hour of their heartbreak, sorrow and national need. 


The reason why men do not look to the church today is because she has destroyed her own influence by compromising herself with the things of the world.


—G. Campbell Morgan

There is no compromise in the cross of Christ.

Love, yes.

Toleration that leads to treachery, false peace?





  1. Nancy
    Mar 20, 2016


    • Caroline
      Mar 20, 2016

      Hi Nancy! God give us fearless leaders who will cut through the treachery and false peace. +

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