About The Author

To every wanderer who takes the time to come in from the noise of the world ~


I am fellow traveler who has taken the very long scenic route on my spiritual journey. Almost nine years ago, the Lord graciously led me back home after drifting 20 years in Protestant Evangelicalism.

What you will find here, is my effort to sound the bell of God’s great mercy, love and guidance despite the ‘treacherous rocks’ in life, upon which we occasionally find ourselves.

By the pure grace of God, I am an oblate of St Benedict and a catechist, continuing my studies as the Lord provides time and resources.

My primary vocation is that of wife of 30 years, mother of two grown sons and grandmother of a little boy– who is the love of my life.

Commissioned only by my baptism, it is in the spirit of this great call to duty, that I write this blog.

I would love to live in the mountains…but I’m where the Lord has placed me.

This then, is my monastery;

And that’s where I will serve Him.