He laid His Garments aside

He laid His Garments aside

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And now, rising from supper,

He laid His garments aside, took a towel,

and put it about Him, and then

He poured water into the basin, and began

to wash the feet of His disciples,

Wiping them with the towel that girded Him.

—John 13:4



“This scene was a summary of His incarnation. Rising up from the Heavenly Banquet in intimate union of nature with the Father,


He laid aside the garments of His Glory,


wrapped about His Divinity the towel of Human nature which He took from Mary;

poured the laver of regeneration which is His Blood shed on the Cross to redeem men,

and began washing the the souls of His disciples and followers through the merits of His death,

Resurrection and Ascension.”



“…..The disciples are motionless, lost in mute astonishment.

When humility comes from the God-man as it does here,

it is obvious that it will be through humility that men will go back to God.”

—Life of Christ, Bl Fulton J Sheen  pp 407-408



  • Christ Washing the Apostles Feet Dirck van Baburen circa 1616


  1. Trish
    Apr 17, 2014

    Such a beautiful reflection Caroline!
    I hope you have a most blessed and beautiful Easter!
    Love in Jesus…Trish xoxox

    • Caroline
      Apr 18, 2014

      Trish, Oh! This book of Bl Fulton Sheen is filled with wisdom. When I first got it I thought I’ll never finish it before Lent is through, but I haven’t been able to put it down! A most blessed and joyous Easter to you too..+

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