Back from the dead

There was a time I’d skip over stories like this:  The deception known as brain death.

I simply accepted the medical profession’s explanation: a total irreversible loss of brain function caused by catastrophic brain injury; in other words– you can’t come out of it.  One might ask, how wrong could the doctors be? After all, don’t they have the the training and knowledge necessary to legitimize our trust in them?

Call me a skeptic, but in recent years with a system that seems more focused on increasing profit and a culture that, with every passing day, most models one that seeks death rather than life…I decided perhaps I should explore more on the subject. Would it surprise you to learn that brain death is the very circumstance wherein families are asked to realize their loved one has died? And oh…by the way, we could use the organs to give life to someone else.

Say, I didn’t go to medical school (though I have a family full of doctors) but, does it take all that to have a question, since….don’t you still have to be alive for the organs (not tissue) to be viable for transplantation? You know the next question to ask when you suddenly find disparity or twisted logic:


Follow the money…..


And the culture of death.


Here’s what I’ve learned from Dr. Paul Byrne, a physician who has challenged this facet of the culture of death. ( h/t) Restore dc catholicism




As if to drive the point home, I had an amazing encounter on one of my pastoral care visits this past week.  Outside a room on the fourth floor I was waiting for the doctor to finish his visit with the patient I was to see next. I wasn’t listening in, he was simply speaking loud enough for anybody standing two doors down to hear. A mother was beside herself with amazement, giving thanks and praise to God over the doctor’s obvious hemming and hawing, having to make an admission he didn’t quite understand, but was forced to acknowledge.

Her adult child had come back “from the dead.”

I have no idea, said the good doctor, how you could have been ‘brain dead’ for over a week, with absolutely no hope of ever seeing daylight again…


But, today you’re talking.


No idea.


For over thirty minutes, I had the privilege of speaking with the patient and the believing mother who accepted no such report from the doctors of the inevitable death. Although they asked me to share their story, I feel it’s really theirs to tell in detail in their own way, in Gods time.

Never in my six years of pastoral care work, have I ever seen a woman so full of faith in the Lord, one who fearlessly told the good doctor, he may know something about medicine, but he’s not God. And I certainly have never been blessed to pray with anyone who had officially died in the ER then, after resuscitation efforts, subsequently declared “brain dead”.

All the way home I prayed, reflecting on the implications I’d been learning about regarding the accepted medical standard called ‘brain death’, and the absolute miracle I witnessed to the contrary that morning.

God raises up His spiritually dead children every single day. I pray with them all the time. My testimony is all about coming back from the dead: mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Should we be any less amazed that God can do such physical wonders?

This isn’t meant to be an indictment on medical professionals, or a rush to some conspiracy theory, but as Dr Byrne indicated, it seems the medical profession went in the wrong direction when they invented ‘brain death’ using proportionalism and consequentialism (we can use the organs) as justification for telling God when a life has no more value.

It’s part of the ‘culture of death’s’ mission to tell God what to do and it’s our mission as believers to tell them;  

You are not God.







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