Devout affections on the Passion of Christ-Week 2

Devout affections on the Passion of Christ-Week 2


Week two of St Gertrude the Great’s meditations on the Passion of Christ. The Lord revealed to her that prayerfully reading and meditating upon these is very useful and efficacious; more so than many other spiritual exercises.

If you missed last week, it’s not a very long prayer and the meditations are quite beautiful.

Is it just me or is the Lord encouraging you as well to step up the prayers?


“O Jesus paradise of the delights of God,

remember now all the dread and sorrow Thou didst endure

when Pilate pronounced on Thee sentence of death;


When the godless soldiers laid the heavy cross on Thy shoulders,

and fastened Thee thereon with rude and blunted nails,

cruelly stretching Thy sacred limbs so that all Thy bones could be numbered:

I beseech Thee,

vouchsafe to pronounce a merciful sentence on me in the day of judgment,

and deliver me from all punishment.”





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