Diocesan Guardian Angels

Diocesan Guardian Angels


From Introduction to the Devout Life, by St Francis de Sales, my Lenten reading this year:

Seek to be familiar with the Angels; learn to realize that they are continually present, although invisible.

Specially love and revere the Guardian angel of the Diocese in which you live, those of the friends who surround you, and your own. Commune with them frequently; join in their songs of praise, and seek their protection and help in all you do, spiritual or temporal.


That pious man, Peter Faber, the first companion of St Ignatius, and the first priest, first preacher, and first theological teacher of the Company of the Jesuits, who was a native of our Diocese ( Faber was a Savoyard) once passing through this country on his way from Germany (where he had been laboring for God’s Glory), told how great comfort he found as he went among places infested with heresy in communing with the guardian angels thereof, whose help had often preserved him from danger, and softened hearts to receive the faith.


I had no idea that each Diocese has it’s own Guardian Angel, or that we could add to our prayers of intercession to these Angels protection and deliverance from heresy. An eye opener and new addition to my prayers.




  • The Guardian Angel, Pietro da Cortona 1656
  • Introduction to the Devout Life, pp71-72


  1. Nancy
    Mar 11, 2015

    Oh, how wonderful! I will now be calling on my diocese’s guardian angel. THANK YOU!

    • Caroline
      Mar 12, 2015

      Nancy, Who knew? Thank you St Frances de Sales. No wonder the book is a spiritual classic. +

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