“Earths Most Serious Wound”

“Earths Most Serious Wound”

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The Empty Tomb

And they went and made the tomb secure,

Putting a seal on the stone

And setting a guard over it.

—Matthew 27:66

 “The watch was to prevent violence;the seal to prevent fraud.

There must be a seal, and the enemies would seal it.


There must be a watch and the enemies must keep it.

The certificates of the death and resurrection must be signed by the enemies themselves.


….The King lay in state with His guard about Him.

The most astounding fact about this spectacle of vigilance over the dead was that the enemies of Christ expected the Resurrection,


but His friends did not.

It was the believers who were skeptics; it was the unbelievers who were credulous.”



  • post title and quotes via~ Life of Christ, Bl Fulton J Sheen p 589
  • Shroud of Turin



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