“Every drop of my blood calls out I am a Christian”

“Every drop of my blood calls out I am a Christian”



I know it’s fat Tuesday, but…

There is so much to share on the persecution of Christians in China and the suffering of people under the one child policy, I hardly know what to bring to your attention. In keeping with my promise to pray for suffering and persecuted Christians around the world this Lent, let’s begin here:


Blind Chinese Forced Abortion Opponent Collapses From Home Detention




(by Steven Ertelt | Linyi, China | LifeNews.com)  The leading campaigner against forced abortions in China has collapsed outside his home because he has been repeatedly beaten and denied medical care after local population control officials have sentenced him to home confinement for exposing a massive forced abortion campaign.

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, a human rights group that shines a light on forced abortions and sterilizations in the Communist country, informed LifeNews today that it has received credible reports that Chen Guangcheng is seriously ill, and other members of his family are languishing as well.


According to one report, Chen’s second elder brother died of stomach cancer on the Chinese New Year/Spring Festival on January 23. Chen, his wife and mother were not allowed to attend the funeral. A few days later, according to a report by the human rights group CHRD, Chen was seen to take a few steps in the courtyard and one observer said, “He looked pale and moved unsteadily. Only a few steps out of the door he fainted and fell to the ground.”




As for faithful Chinese Christians who refuse to submit to the communist state run churches, from Catholic Exchange.:


China’s Persecution of the Church on the Rise

(February 17th, 2012 Alex Newman) Vicious persecution of faithful Chinese Christians who shun state-run “churches” has always been a problem under the communist dictatorship ruling mainland China. But in recent months it has become an even more serious tragedy as believers are terrorized and religious leaders are tortured at increasingly alarming rates. The world, meanwhile, is not doing enough to stop it, according to activists working to expose the abuse.


A renewed sense of paranoia swept over the tyrants in Beijing last year. Following recent developments in the Middle East – the so-called “Arab Spring” has already toppled several long-ruling dictatorships – a re-invigorated crackdown on Christians has observers around the world up in arms. Perhaps fearful of the regime’s growing clout, however, governments worldwide barely dare to mention it. And activists in China know very well what could happen to them and their families if they speak out.


There’s more news here and here.


EWTN has recently aired an excellent 13 part series called “Saints of China: Martyrs of the Middle Kingdom”, hosted by Dr. Anthony (Tony) E. Clark and based on Clark’s book, China’s Saints; Catholic Martyrdom during the Qing (1644-1911).  

It’s a fascinating look into “the history of the Catholic Church in China, from the Jesuit missions to the massive growth of Catholic missions before the Communist government came to power in 1949″.

If there was ever a country that will prove Tertullian’s words “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church,” it is China.


St. Chi Zhuzi is one such saint. St. Chi was flayed alive for refusing to deny his faith, and while dying he exclaimed, “Every drop of my blood calls out, ‘I am a Christian’.”

—Dr Anthony Clark










  1. Patricia
    Feb 21, 2012

    Caroline, this is beyond belief. Where are all the voices for “reproductive freedom?” I have caught some of the broadcasts on EWTN as well. So many unknown martyrs spilling their blood..to say nothing of the babies.

    I can’t believe we gave a state dinner with all the trimmings for the president of this country which tortures so many of its people.

    I will pray in adoration today for this intention. Thank you for bringing it to mind again…

    Love you,

    • Caroline
      Feb 22, 2012

      Patricia, The people of China have been on my heart since I was seven years old. It is beyond belief what these beautiful people have suffered at the hands of the communist regime.

      Thank you for joining in prayer …and mostly thank you for posting yours today.

      Love you, and + C

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