Family Day Roman style

Family Day Roman style

Icon of the Immaculate Heart in Byzantine style


These pictures are amazing.  Imagine what could have been done with the support or encouragement of the Vatican.

These photos were taken only in the Circus Maximus but, for honesty’s record, we must stress that many participants have preferred to attend the adjacent spaces.


“How many people are there today in the square? –


Wondered last night a participant on a social network –


I do not know and do not care much.


But I think just the idea that hundreds of thousands of people to move FREELY, without rich and powerful lobby behind, without the money moguls, without godparents famous rock singers, actors actresses etc etc … it is already in itself a great thing.


I don’t know if Italy will be able withstand the battle against the redefinition of marriage but, it was a ‘noble thing’ that so many took a stand in a very public way right in front of those appointed and charged by their apostolic succession to defend the truth.

One day– soon I pray– as promised, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph over the evils of our day.

I’d love to live to see her crush the head of the serpent and the Lord

make thy enemies a stool for thy feet.



  • Photo source
  • h/t Mundabor’s Blog for Italian pictures

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