Felony charge for Planned Parenthood accusers

This is what it means to expose the darkness of the abortion industry today: Indict the the director of the Center for Medical Progress, David Daleiden and clear Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing. 


“Mr. Daleiden has been praised as a hero by some religious opponents of abortion.”


He is.

The comments following this article in the New York Times are all the evidence one needs of how invested this culture of death is in abortion.

I stopped after this exchange:

Lida shad


Do I go home and celebrate or cry after I abort a human life.
I guess it doesn’t matter.

                        ——–  ——–

M Rudd
Fairfax, VA

Do whatever YOU choose to do. It’s your body. That’s the point.

It does matter– and it’s a living baby IN your body. You don’t own life. You didn’t create life.

Go home and cry..then pray for forgiveness and mercy which God is always ready to give.

Prayers going up for David Daleiden, Sandra Merritt and the Center for Medical Progress.



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