From desert to orchard to forest

How thankful I am for the Easter season which calls our attention to the hidden work of the Holy Spirit, the breath of life which comes upon us in wind and fire.

What is born of the Spirit is spirit. ( John 3:7-8)

Jesus says to Nicodemus, we must be born from above. The wind of the Spirit blows where it wills. You can hear the sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it’s going:


  • After Baptism, the Spirit leads the believer wherever he chooses, (like the wind blowing).


  • Nicodemus is confused because these Christian truths go far beyond the Jewish faith.


  • The early Church easily understands them and gladly explains them to the world.  Jesus’ heavenly role as Son of Man goes beyond Baptism and the Spirit’s indwelling.


—Flame of Love Meditations


Our great hope in this Easter season is to pray for the Holy Spirit to be poured out upon us, for only the Holy Spirit can turn whatever your desert is into an orchard, one that seems like a forest. When the Spirit is present then,


…uprightness will live in this orchard,

and the product of uprightness will be peace,

the effect of uprightness quiet and security forever.


The promises from Scripture are the hope to hold onto, the compass from which to mine our prayers.

My people will live in a peaceful home, in peaceful houses and tranquil dwellings.

— Isaiah 32: 15-20

That is what we long for, Lord.

Come Holy Spirit.

Fill us and transform our deserts into forests.




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