Get use to it

As I was packing up a care package to bring my grandson and only half listening to the news of the past few days, sounding like a plot out of a horror movie–terrorism in Canada, Ebola in NYC, an ax attack on two police officers with the NYPD, another school shooting–a news correspondent from some major network ends his commentary with this:

Get use to it.

Yes, it’s just the times we’re in, you see. It hit me so hard to hear him say; this is the new normal: terrorism, violence and the Ebola threat. We ought to — get use to it–go on about our lives without giving in to any fear, because it’s all here to stay. Actually, it echoed an article in online news source, (which I won’t link to) stating {that} we should be thankful the terror attacks don’t occur with greater frequency, and another says we live in a new age of ‘epidemiological transition’. Because of the increasingly global and mobile population, it’s a recipe for explosive growth.

And I just stood for a moment thinking,

No…no..NO… that’s not how God’s children ought to think.

We aren’t afraid, but not because you tell us what’s normal.

Let us tell you what’s normal. And it’s nothing new. The Lord says to His people;


For thus says the Lord, the Creator of the Heavens,

who is God,


the designer and maker of the earth

who established it,

not creating it to be a waste,

but designing it to be lived in:


I am the Lord and there is no other.

I have not spoken from hiding

nor from some dark place of the earth.


I the Lord promise justice,

I foretell what is right.


They are without knowlege who bear wooden idols

and pray to gods that cannot save.

Come and hear and declare in counsel together:


Who announced this from the beginning and foretold it from of old?


Was it not I, the Lord,

besides whom there is no other God?


There is no just and saving god but Me.

Turn to Me and be safe,


all you ends of the earth,

for I am God;

there is no other!


To Me every knee shall bend;


by me every tongue shall swear, saying,

“Only in the Lord are just deeds and power.”



In God’s tender compassion,

the dawn from on high broke upon us, 

to shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death.

And He set us free.

There, that’s the normal for a child of God and anyone who comes to a knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins.

Get use to it.



  • Scripture quotes: various verses from Isaiah 45:15-25
  • Canticle of Zechariah


  1. Patricia
    Oct 25, 2014

    Caroline, another awesome post. It is like a horror movie…certainly not the country I grew up in. Turning our backs on God, we have refused His loving care and protection. He has been so patient with us,but the chalice is overflowing. Thank you for sharing such beautiful Scripture verses.

    On a lighter note, have a wonderful visit with your grandson. My husband got to see our angel today, and I am so jealous 😉 But, we will see her Sunday. My DIL makes little phone videos a d sends them to me. I never get tired of watching them….ever.

    Have a beautiful weekend! Love and prayers xoxo

    • Caroline
      Oct 27, 2014

      Patricia, Those phone video’s…goodness…When my DIL sends one, I watch them at least 5x a day :-) They keep me smiling in the midst of such rampant rebellion all around us.
      Scripture has really been coming alive lately. One could think it was written just for our time. Don’t know how to explain it, but I can feel the wrenching from within; as you say the chalice overflowing though He’s been so patient with us.

      I did have a wonderful visit! They are angelic, aren’t they? Not so long from leaving the womb of Heaven; it’s like they carry portion of it’s holiness about them in their innocence. What treasures children are.

      Love and Blessings always +

  2. cynthia
    Nov 5, 2014

    Yes, I can relate as well. I am hearing St John Paul’s words from scripture saying “Be not afraid” and we need this message of hope now as well. Thanks for posting this. Prayers for all our children and grand children who are inheriting all this…. I have been out of the loop for a long while and not in cyber space much except to write. There are breeches of time I can only do that. I love your blog and have been enjoying your posts as always. Fantastic place to come and be…God Bless….

    • Caroline
      Nov 6, 2014

      Cynthia, Thank you for stopping by..I do the same thing with the cyber space’s better in phases :-)
      Your writing is so inspirational, it’s worth waiting for you to write.
      And I’m so glad that this blog can in some way be a place we help one another “be not afraid”.

      Blessings always and +

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