How Long Will You Grieve Over…..

How Long Will You Grieve Over…..




I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day. She told me that transition is something she looks forward to ~ anticipating what new thing God is championing in her life.

After a long silence she asked,


“Are you still there? ”

“Yes, I just don’t think I’ve ever had a woman tell me she loves transition and change.”


We continued our discussion, but after I hung up, I gave thought to what she said. I recalled the many times transition came to my young life; changes I had no control over, people who decided things I didn’t approve of, things God decided were best, but only wild horses could drag me to the departing station.  And the older I get, it doesn’t seem any easier to let go of that pastor or friend, who decides to move on, that person who concludes living the Christian life is not their cup of tea, or occasionally that past memory that can still resurrect pain.


There’s grief involved in transition, especially the big ones, and I think God’s OK with letting us have our time to process. But, I’m awful slow on giving up what I think I’ve longed for most of my life..a sense of stability. The lack of it is very unsettling to me and these days change seems to come at breakneck speed.


It was in this mindset I came across 1 Samuel 16: 1-6 this week.


The Lord said to Samuel, “How long will you grieve over Saul?

I have rejected him from being king over Israel. Fill your horn with oil and set out;

I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite, for I have provided for myself a king among his sons.”


Samuel said, “How can I go? If Saul hears of it, he will kill me.” And the Lord said, “Take a heifer with you, and say, ‘I have come to sacrifice to the Lord.’


Invite Jesse to the sacrifice, and I will show you what you shall do; and you shall anoint for me the one whom I name to you.”


Samuel did what the Lord commanded, and came to Bethlehem. The elders of the city came to meet him trembling, and said, “Do you come peaceably?” He said, “Peaceably; I have come to sacrifice to the Lord; sanctify yourselves and come with me to the sacrifice.” And he sanctified Jesse and his sons and invited them to the sacrifice.



Samuel had to learn an important lesson in the transition from the reign of King Saul to David, and from his I gleaned mine.

The Lord had rejected Saul for his disobedience and had a plan for Israel in David, but Samuel would have to let go of his grief in order for the plan of God to move along.


“How long will you grieve over Saul? the Lord asks.


First lesson,


  • time’s up on looking back and wishing things could have been different. It happened.. God knows about it. It grieved Him as well..but it’s done.
“Fill your horn with oil and set out”
  • I have work for you to do. Get up, dust yourself off and do what I am calling you to do. Let go of those people who made bad decisions that affected your life and disappointed you. None of it, was a surprise to me.
“I will send you to Jesse…. I have provided”
  • God doesn’t have to check His plan with me….He asks me to trust in His provision over what I can understand.
 “How can I go? If Saul hears of it, he will kill me”
  • Recall from Jonah– that there is more danger in not doing God’s will..
And lastly
Samuel did what the Lord commanded
  • Obedience is how the Lord knows I trust Him, even when to do so doesn’t make any sense to me.

What do you suppose would have happened to Israel if Samuel never got over his grief ?

What if the Lord is asking me to endure instability so that I may provide stability for others?

A pastor I know said, “In order to get on with it, you have to get over it.”





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  1. Theresa
    May 15, 2013

    This was an awesome post Caroline! I love how scripture can really speak to us in what we are dealing with in our own lives.

    Transition? Ugh. No thanks. Not very good at it LOL!

    • Caroline
      May 16, 2013

      Theresa, I know the Lord is having me look a little closer at transition and change, but I think Samuel got there faster LOL
      For me, there’s a few forks along the road of my life that would have changed so much had a few people not been my ” Saul”..
      I’m so grateful for Scripture and have really been asking the HS to teach, renew and restore me especially as we await Pentecost.
      Blessings always +

  2. Joyce
    May 16, 2013

    I second what Theresa said Caroline. I love how you can take Scripture the way you do and apply it to your challenges in life. Very helpful to me as well with much food for thought.
    God bless,

    • Caroline
      May 16, 2013

      Joyce, I’m one of the Lord’s slower students LOL and Scripture has always been my best counsel.
      As you have said before, we help one another in our difficulties and what a gift it is to be blessed with the chance to do so.
      Your are in my prayers.
      Love and blessings +

  3. Victor S E Moubarak
    May 16, 2013

    This is a brilliant post. well-written and to the point.

    We often fear change because we do not see or understand what it will bring. But God knows too well, and He would not have brought us to it if He did not plan to see us through it. We just have to trust Him.

    God bless.

    • Caroline
      May 16, 2013

      Victor, There’s one prayer I know the Lord will always answer..”Please, show me myself.” : )
      And He knows I learn best when I hear from Scripture.
      “He plans to see us through it” is a good word of encouragement to trust.
      Thank you for taking the time to stop by.
      Blessings always +

  4. Gloria Laudes
    May 29, 2013

    Lovely reflection, lovely blog, so glad to have found you.

    • Caroline
      May 29, 2013

      Gloria, thank you for stopping by. It’s always a privilege to connect with others who have a love for the Lord.
      Blessings and +

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