I Met Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Yesterday

I Met Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Yesterday


Homeless and Pregnant.

That was the sign she held in her hands; her blond hair blowing in the wind as if waving to me from the sidewalk of the busy neighborhood crossroad. Maybe I didn’t read it right, I thought..Maybe she’s advertising for the fast food place behind her. However, a second look as I waited at the light, confirmed what I’d first read.  The light turned green, but as I drove off I asked the Lord,

Now what? What do you want me to do?

Instantly, the grace came; probably fueled from thoughts of what I knew could happen to her if the wrong person stopped to help. As I changed lanes to make the U turn and head back around, I had two thoughts: if  a report came on the news that night of a young pregnant girl kidnapped and harmed, I would be devastated and ..my law enforcement son is going to have a fit if he finds out.

My arrow prayer as I drove was,

Lord, if she’s still there, please help me to help her in Your name,

Taking only my phone, I parked the car behind the restaurant and walked over to where she stood.

Do you have a minute to chat? 

Sure, she answered. 

I took her hand and led her to a safe, quiet, but public place away from the road. She was about 25, my daughter-in law’s age. Any question that she might be faking the pregnancy was set to rest the moment she tried to position herself to sit on the curb next to me; all six or seven months of her and the baby. No…any women who’s carried that life within her knows, you can’t fake that. My heart broke as she began to tell me the story of how she and her husband had arrived by bus from the Midwest just days ago; came here to attend his mother’s funeral. They figured while they’re looking for shelter they might as well stay in the south. At least they wouldn’t freeze to death.  He had lost his job, but she wanted me to know one of the other reasons they didn’t want to go back–friends and family had pushed for an abortion.

We made a pact, my husband and I; not to get separated while trying to find shelter– no matter what..

Getting married was the one thing we did right.

I want to have this baby. 


Where is your husband? I asked.

Making some calls to see if there’s any room for us at the Salvation Army. 

While we sat, I called the local pregnancy center, which doesn’t have emergency shelter, but the director there spoke with her triaging a series of options they might consider.

No room at the inn…kept coming to my mind as I took her hands to pray. The whisper in my heart was to ‘be not afraid’, but to love her as if she were the Lord’s own mother, He, the baby, and Joseph, her husband, seeking a safe haven.

We hugged after the prayer, but I did ask one thing of her,

Don’t ever go back out to the road…promise me.

I promise. she said.

Today, I’m home in bed with a miserable cold, but I can’t stop thinking of the mystical home of Nazareth that visited me yesterday, and how it reminded me, that in the Lord’s eyes, every family is precious.

Pray for them. Pray for all the families, especially the young ones torn asunder by life’s crushing circumstances.

Come rescue them Lord, with Your Mighty Power.

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him up in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

—Luke 2:7

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us.


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  1. David Backes
    Dec 30, 2013

    Wow, Caroline, that is a wonderful post about a powerful experience. Thank you for sharing it, and even more for being open to God in everyday life. I like to think that there were people like you in Egypt, when the Holy Family was in exile and no doubt in need of kindness and help.

    Blessings to you and your family!

    • Caroline
      Dec 30, 2013

      David, Isn’t it amazing that God would even give us the chance to be open to His surprises? It was by far the best Christmas present I had this year. I think of her now every time I pass that corner.
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read it.
      Blessings always +

  2. patricia
    Jan 6, 2014

    Caroline, this is beautiful! God bless you for stopping to help. how different that young woman must have felt after her encounter with you, in whom she surely saw the love of Christ. i will pray for her.

    I hope you are feeling better. i have been sick all week in a hotel room…we make plans, but God often has others 😉 Wishing you a joyful Epiphany and a blesses New Year!

    • Caroline
      Jan 6, 2014

      Patricia, Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about you and now I know why. You will be especially in my prayers! Yes, the best laid plans of mice and men….
      I did get in quite a bit of trouble with said son of the second born LOL ( Not to mention the first as well) But I did what I believed the Lord asked me to do.
      Happy New Year my friend…I pray the Lord meets you on this Epiphany Day in a very special way…right there in that hotel room. And that you get better soon..
      Love and Blessings +

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