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On Sunday, we had the beautiful reading on the Transfiguration from the gospel of Mark, but this was only briefly touched on in a homily at the parish I attended because the pastor first gave praise and commendation to Fr Ted Hesburgh, former president of the University of Notre Dame, who went to his eternal destination this past Thursday.

How I have come to be very familiar with modernism has nothing to do with any distinguished degree I possess (which I don’t) and everything to do with the struggle, sweat and tears on my ten year journey of seeking truth since coming home to the one true Church. I would love to only post some meditative prayer, or peaceful Benedictine encouragement, but life as it is has exposed me to many who have hijacked the faith and conscience moves me to speak, lest I someday see the Lord and tell Him,

I kept quiet for fear I would offend, Lord.

As much of history bears witness, silence in the face of those deconstructing the truth makes one a willing participant in it’s distortion.

That is the true offence.

Becoming more upset as I sat listening to the accolades go on and on, I looked at the faces around me wondering if the average Catholic would know that the legacy of Fr Hesburgh is not at all worthy of the pomp and praise being given him from the ambo, but rather, that he is the one at

 whose feet can be laid the destruction of Catholic education in America.

The mask is so thick over what our precious church truly teaches in her deposit of faith that new age dribble like this — from a Benedictine sister no less, who has misrepresented Catholic theology for decades– is the only catechesis some people get.

The masks need to come off and the full truth of our faith proclaimed before we lose another generation.

Keep your catechism and Bible close at hand and be like the Bereans.

(Acts 17:11-12)

St Paul, pray for us.




  •  h/t tenth crusade for the Oprah and Joan Chittister link


  1. Carol
    Mar 3, 2015


    • Caroline
      Mar 3, 2015

      Yes and Amen, Carol. And thank you for the link on your site. It was you who gave me my first help when I came upon all this confusion years ago. Blessings always +

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