Monastic Sanctity

Monastic Sanctity


St Sharbel Makhluf is a new saint to me.


St Charbel Makhlouf lived and promoted the spirituality of the Maronite Church which is considered a monastic Church. The Maronite monastic tradition, which finds its origins in the spirituality of St Anthony of Egypt, was reflected in the different monastic orders and congregations in the Maronite Church.


St Charbel, a son of the Lebanese Maronite Order, a religious order born of this Eastern tradition and spirituality was the first Maronite Saint canonized by a Pope. One of the great figures of modern Catholic history, St Charbel’s holiness grew in the secluded life of a hermit, but has reached people throughout the world.


It was during his 23 years as a hermit that his reputation for sanctity grew.  On Christmas Eve in 1868,


Fr Charbel died after an apoplexy which had struck him on December 16th as he celebrated Mass.

Immediately, his reputation for holiness spread; he was associated with mysterious phenomena, and the number of cures attributed to his intercession escalated. His body remained incorrupt until 1965, the year of his beatification.


Pope Paul VI who canonized St Sharbel on October 9, 1977, said he is renowned for two things:


  • the intensity of his spiritual life as a hermit
  • the extraordinary diversity and number of miracles


There are literally thousands of miracles attributed to St Sharbel which reveal his powerful life of faith, both during his life and after, as an intercessor in response to prayers made with faith. It’s interesting to note that he is said to be a frequently sought favorite of the young because he is known to bring not only physical healing, but spiritual healing and growth.
At the close of the second Vatican Council, Pope Paul VI said of him;
A hermit of Mt Lebanon is enrolled in the number of blessed…
A new eminent member of monastic sanctity has by his example and intercession enriched the entire Christian people …
May he make us understand, in a world largely fascinated by wealth and comfort, the paramount value of poverty, penance and asceticism, to liberate the soul in ascent to God.

How can we bring peace to our broken world? Look to the lives of the saints who teach us that the origin and source of our Christian life is,




He is the ocean of mercy, the well of restoration, the depths under which the blood removes our guilt, covers our sins and heals us body, soul and spirit..



St Sharbel Makhluf, pray for us.





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  1. Theresa
    Jul 26, 2014

    Peace Caroline~!

    I love this saint particularly due to the fact my husband is part Lebanese and many members of his extended family in the past and some presently belong to the Maronite rite.

    I didn’t know about all the miracles but I was meant to read this so I can pray to him now for healing.

    Bless you~

    • Caroline
      Jul 28, 2014

      Theresa, It’s a beautiful rite .. Still holds so much of the reverence missing in many of the more modern liturgies.
      So glad you found an intercessor for your prayers. I will keep you in my prayers for healing..All the ladies who have been here so long are always in my heart. Blessings always +

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