No Disciples….Without the Cross

No Disciples….Without the Cross

Crucifixion of St Peter




Pope Francis’s first homily via ~



We walk in the light of the Lord. God said to Abraham: walk in my presence… Walk – our lives are a journey. When we stop there is something wrong. We must keep on moving. In the presence of God, in the light of the Lord, trying to live that irreproachability that God demanded of Abraham.


Build. Build the Church.


To build the Church with rocks. Rocks are consistent, material things, they are heavy, they are marked by the Holy Spirit. Building the Church that is the bride of Christ. That is another movement in our lives, the building up of the Church.


 And now, confession. We can walk as much as we want, we can build many things, but if we do not confess in Christ, to Christ, then something is wrong. When you no longer walk, you are halted, you are at a standstill. When you don’t build on solid rock, what happens?


The same thing that happens to children on a beach building sand castles. They will dissolve. They are without consistency. When we do not confess. He who does not pray to the Lord prays to the Devil, he who does not confess to Christ, he is confessing to worldliness, to the Devil.


 To keep on walking, to keep on building, to keep on confessing to Christ. But this is not always that simple. Because as we walk on that journey, as we build, as we confess, sometimes there are tremors, there are movements, that are not proper to our journey. That drag us backwards.


 This Gospel revealed a very special situation. Peter himself confesses to Christ. He says you are the Messiah, the Son of the living God. I will follow you. But I will follow you in all possibilities without the Cross so we are walking without the Cross. But if we walk without the Cross and build without the Cross and confess in Christ without the Cross, then we are not our Lord’s disciples. We are a worldly people. We may be bishops, priests, cardinals, popes. But we are not disciples of the Lord.


 I would like for all of us to have the courage … carrying the Lord’s Cross… and to build the Church, the blood of the Lord that was shed on the Cross. And to confess the only true glory that is the crucified Lord. I hope that for all of us the Holy Spirit and through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that this grace will come to pass. Walking, building and confessing to Jesus Christ, crucified.






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