Spy Wednesday

Spy Wednesday


“The greatest betrayers are those who have been cradled in the sacred associations of Christ and His Holy Church.

They alone know where to find Christ after dark.”


At any time..the one who commanded the wind and the waves, placed the stars in the Heavens, He who is the Great ” I AM” ..¬†Jesus Christ, God in the flesh by the fiat of the Blessed Virgin Mary, could have walked away from the humiliation of the cross.

But, it was for this He was born.


“Self sacrifice seeks no vengeance….

The whole purpose of His redemptive death, in a certain sense, was to say to all men;

Let the others go free.”


His hour had come.




  • Quotes taken from, The Life of Christ, Fulton Sheen pp 409-474
  • Spy Wednesday
  • Judas Betrays Jesus With a Kiss ¬† Carravaggio



  1. Karin
    Apr 16, 2014

    Thanks you for sharing these quotes from Fulton Sheen. Wishing you a blessed Triduum and a joyous Easter.

    • Caroline
      Apr 16, 2014

      Thank you Karin, and I wish the very same to you. This book has been a salve to my soul this Lent…Maybe because I was just so hungry for someone to speak the hard truths of the faith without all the “spin” .. And Bl Fulton Sheen went beyond meeting the need. +

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