St John the XXIII and the Breviary

St John the XXIII and the Breviary


Some beautiful thoughts here on Good Pope John, now a canonized saint. As usual in the weeks leading up to the canonization there were many voices out there,

…”both in the Church and in the secular media, who would have us believe that Papa Roncalli was a revolutionary, a modernist, an iconoclast. Nothing could be further from the truth. How exactly did this misrepresentation of Pope John XXIII become so prevalent?”

He had a great love and devotion for the –

“…exalted quality of the Divine Office, the Church’s daily sacrifice of praise;”

Pope John never had any intention of seeing this liturgical practice– guided by the Holy Spirit over the centuries in the Roman Church– overturned. He wrote:

The Breviary is in very truth a perennial and inexhaustible fount of supernatural light and grace. Small wonder, then, that the Breviary serves this Second Vatican Council as a source-book, as is evidenced in the reports of the careful, unremitting work of the various preparatory Commissions.  


It is a mine of purest doctrine and wisest counsels of ecclesiastical discipline, admirably adapted to present needs. We are therefore justified in Our assertion that in entering upon a new era we have preserved our ancient heritage intact. It is an era which seems to hold the promise of a great spiritual advance.

How very Benedictine.

And what about this pearl from today’s new saint?

 Let us then ask our guardian angels to be with us as we say our daily Office,

helping us to recite it worthily,


attentively and devoutly, that it may be acceptable to God, profitable to ourselves,

and a source of spiritual edification to others.


On this, the historical day of four popes, may the Lord bless His church with new found wisdom and answered prayer through her saints.

Saint John the XXIII, and Saint John Paul II,


ora pro nobis



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