The Center of The Christian Faith

The Center of The Christian Faith


The Resurrection

Icon of Victory


At the center of the Christian faith is Jesus Christ and His Resurrection from the dead.

As such, the Icon of the Resurrection is the most celebrated, the most common, the most cherished, the most instructive.



It is all of these things because the Orthodox Icon of the Resurrection is not content with simply showing us the Risen Christ, or the empty tomb;

the Victory shown in the Icon of the Resurrection is complete.


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Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death,

and on those in the grave bestowing life.





  1. Patricia
    Mar 31, 2013

    Happy Easter, Caroline! I hope it was most blessed and joyful for you. I stayed up way too late last night watching Jesus of Nazareth, but it was worth it just to have all those scenes in my mind today at Mass…that last beautiful promise, “I will be with you always…”

    My son and his wife went to Mass..on their own, in their parish. Thank you LORD and KING! They still don’t go regularly, but I am so grateful for these first answers to prayer.

    Hope your day was wonderful!

    Love and joy, peace and blessings!

    • Caroline
      Apr 1, 2013

      Patricia, Happy Easter! He is Risen indeed.

      Jesus of Nazareth is my favorite of all the Bible movies. There is just something about it that hasn’t been captured in any of the others– IMHO. I started watching The Bible series on the History channel, but had to quit..I didn’t think it was faithful to the Scriptures.
      I’m so glad to hear about your son and daughter-in-law attending Mass. My prayers are always going up for our children and now my grandson. Yes, it’s a boy. LOL I’m so grateful to have your prayers and would ask for some special ones for my children…It was a very challenging Lent and we have some real challenges that need prayer (which I hate to even say to you knowing all you’ve been through.)

      Easter was at…yes, my sister’s who had carefully prepared everything like the wonderful Martha she is …without a single complaint : ) I hope your sister is doing better.

      Love, blessings and +

  2. Patricia
    Apr 2, 2013

    Caroline, I had to chime in when you mentioned The Bible series. I tried; I really tried! But when they got to the New Testament, and added Mary Magdalen as the 13th apostle..running all around with Jesus and the others, I couldn’t take it anymore. Also, the actor who played Jesus was very kind, but did not have the depth and dignity needed…IMHO :) My favorite is also Jesus of Nazareth. The actor captures Jesus very much as I imagine Him to be, and most of it is faithful to Scripture. I love the ending: Now it begins. It all begins! I wait for that every time.

    I also love The Passion of the Christ, but it’s so unique; you cannot compare the two.

    Congratulations on your baby grandson!!! That is awesome! I’m so excited for you. I will indeed pray for all of your intentions, and especially tomorrow at adoration.

    How blessed that your sister is a Martha! We need one of those in our family. My dear mother-in-law was Martha on steroids LOL…she ran my house better than I did. I learned to enjoy her…after being mortified at first. God rest her soul. I miss all that help now.

    May the thought of that precious baby warm your heart, especially at those difficult moments.

    My sister is better…the kidney stone seems to be resolved. She still has to do the cardiac workup.
    I’m more worried than she is..of course. xo

    • Caroline
      Apr 2, 2013

      Patricia, I kept watching thinking how is this getting rave reviews even from Catholic sources?
      And I don’t even want to tell you what all my husband’s client’s were saying about the actor that played Jesus…I never once heard such things back in the day when I first saw Jesus of Nazareth..
      I missed it this year!
      The Passion of Christ is definitely in another category.. It took me so long to have the courage to watch it..I only saw it for the first time last year..It was sooo intense, but what a masterpiece it is.
      Glad to hear about your sister, but I’ll keep the cardiac workup in my prayers. xxoo

  3. Victor S E Moubarak
    Apr 2, 2013

    He is risen indeed.

    Lovely icon, Caroline. Thank you.

    Best wishes for the Easter season.

    God bless.

    • Caroline
      Apr 2, 2013

      Praying blessings of this Easter season right back to you, Victor ..+

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