The Dragon Slayer Saint

The Dragon Slayer Saint

St George and the Dragon

Gustave Moreau



Couldn’t we all use an intercessor who was a dragon slayer? Though it is legendary, the story is:


“…he came upon a young women in a bridal gown about to be sacrificed to appease the dragon.

He wounded the beast, dragged it to the town with the bride’s belt,

and killed it when the populace agreed to be baptized.”

The legend didn’t appear until the 13th Century in a book called The Golden Legend, by Caxton, nearly nine hundred years after George’s death.

But, he was a true soldier who gave his life for Christ.

He is the patron of England, but he’s not English, though he’s identified “with England and English ideals of honor, bravery and gallantry.”


So, what do we know about him? Who was St George?


  • Born in Cappadocia, an area which is now in Turkey
  • Lived in 3rd century AD
  • His parents were Christian
  • Later lived in Palestine
  • Became a Roman soldier
  • Protested against Rome’s persecution of Christians
  • Imprisoned and tortured, but stayed true to his faith
  • Beheaded at Lydda in Palestine
  • 23rd April was named as Saint George’s day in 1222
—via ~ bbc religion
For someone whose life is surrounded mostly by myth and legend, he is actually esteemed as one of the greatest martyrs, hailed as a popular figure during the Crusades when the soldiers called on his protection.
Anyone who is faithful to the end through torture and persecution, has my prayer and plea for help.
“Perhaps Christians have celebrated St George the as the slayer of the legendary dragon,
because we hope that through his intercession he can help us triumph over the very real dragons we find inside.”
St George the Dragon Slayer
Pray for us.
  • Quotes: Voices of the Saints, Bert Ghezzi
  • More on George and the Dragon, here

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