The emptiness of others

Can drag you down, but don’t let it. 

“Do you encounter aridity, or spiritual attack (oppression), due to the pretensions of others? Are you subject to others’ shortcomings?


We all do — feel that aridity. And sometimes we are the transmitters of it.


Call it aridity. Call it the desert. For many, it is a constant state because they have not filled their lives with what’s worthwhile, what is part of their mission — and expect us to do this for them.”

More of this is coming to the surface in people as we struggle daily for our very lives, physically and spiritually. This is a great opportunity, a teaching moment  to share the joy of our faith despite the difficulties in the world and the church.

“Don’t inherit their wind. They are the kind who grip, who grab at you, who demand, who are always the “victim.” Pray for them but don’t become trapped by them.


Be charitable. Compassionate. Help them in any way you are meant to, that doesn’t infringe on God’s Plan for you. Make a habit out of aiding the lonely, the unhappy, the the negative. Be a joy to them.


Joy is a marker that you are living and thinking right.”


All of us have a mission, a destiny that was set in motion when the Lord knew us even before we were in our mother’s womb. And despite his best tactics, the enemy of our souls cannot steal it from us.

The only way he defeats us in our mission … is if we surrender it and let him rob us of it like the thief he is.


  • source:  Spirit Daily

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