The only weapon she had

The only weapon she had


Three months after Sudanese woman Miriam Ibrahim was jailed for refusing to renounce her Christian faith, here is her first television interview.

“Ibrahim was locked up in prison for four months, facing a sentence of death by hanging for the crime of marrying a Christian man. During that time, she refused to renounce her Christian faith, despite knowing it could spare her the death sentence.


Miriam explained what kept her spirit going, despite the fact her young son was locked up with her, and she was forced to give birth to her second child while behind bars in horrifying conditions.” ( Fox News Insider)

Several times during the interview, she said the only weapon she had to survive the ordeal…was faith. She believed God knew her suffering and would deliver her. Notice she’s wearing something that looks familiar? I think it’s a Miraculous Medal.

What inspiration and courage in the face of persecution. A fearless woman who stood for absolute objective truth despite the threat of hanging for it.



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