The Secret Source

The Secret Source


Christ With the Woman Taken in Adultery




The Fifth Sunday of Lent


It is precisely in the Passion, when the mercy of Christ is about to vanquish it,


that sin most clearly manifests its violence and its many forms:  unbelief, murderous hatred, shunning and mockery by the leaders and the people, Pilate’s cowardice and the cruelty of the soldiers, Judas’ betrayal – so bitter to Jesus, Peter’s denial and the disciples’ flight.


However, at the very hour of darkness, the hour of the prince of this world, the sacrifice of Christ secretly becomes the source from which the forgiveness of our sins will pour forth inexhaustibly.

—CCC 1851


Oh my Jesus, how I love Thee…Thank you for the inexhaustible secret source of my forgiveness and redemption:


The Cross upon which you bore all of my sin.


I pray for the grace to go and sin no more.







  1. Joyce
    Mar 17, 2013

    I have always wondered why the Gospel makes note that Jesus was writing on the ground with His finger when they brought the woman to Him to ask what they should do with her. Rebecca said she thought it was to contrast the anger and wrath of the accusers and to communicate the indifference they should have had toward her, given that the sins of another were none of their business.

    One of these days, maybe I really will “go and sin no more”. The best I can do right now is try to avoid repeating the same sins over and over. And to remember that without Him, I alone can do nothing.

    Love and prayers,

    • Caroline
      Mar 17, 2013

      Joyce, Rebecca must be such a blessing to you.

      Father made some excellent comments on this gospel in his homily today. He said, it’s the only recorded instance we have of Jesus writing anything and there are a few thoughts about what He was writing: Perhaps He was buying time to give Himself an opportunity to gather His thoughts, He was writing the sins of those who had accused her, or maybe writing the law itself..
      Of course no one knows. Tradition has it that the woman was Mary Magdalene; her profound conversion is recorded evidence that she indeed took His words to heart- go and sin no more.

      I also was also encouraged by Pope Francis’s first Angelus message as like you, I struggle to not repeat the same sins over and over again. He focused on the mercy of God, His willingness and readiness to always forgive, though it’s us who grow tired of asking Him.

      Blessings always +

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