With your whole hearts

With your whole hearts



….turn to God and He will blot out all your sins. ( Acts 3:19)

This from the Canticle in the Divine Office today–Could there be a more appropriate verse for us as a people and nation as we ready ourselves for the coming of our Savior? I can hardly bear the news of late, but I know that our Savior Jesus is the answer, that we have been appointed for such a time as this; as difficult and impossible as the mission seems.

St Paul reminds us that “the things he had to undergo in Asia were more of a burden than he could carry, so that he even despaired of life.” They were, he says, “carrying with them their own death warrant, but it taught them,

 ….not to rely on themselves, but only on God, who raises the dead to life.

And He saved us from dying , as He will save us again; yes, that is our firm hope in Him,

that in the future He will save us again.”

—2 Corinthians 1: 8-11


There’s no better consolation for our hearts than the Word of God itself:

Blessed are you, and praiseworthy,

O Lord, the God of our fathers,

and glorious forever is your name.


For you are just in all you have done;

all your deeds are faultless, all your ways right,

and all your judgments proper.


For we have sinned and transgressed

by departing from you,

and we have done every kind of evil.


For your name’s sake, do not deliver us up forever,

or make void your covenant.


Do not take away your mercy from us,

for the sake of Abraham, your beloved,

Isaac your servant, and Israel your holy one,


to whom you promised to multiply their offspring

like the stars of heaven,

or the sand on the shore of the sea.


For we are reduced, O Lord, beyond any other nation,

brought low everywhere in the world this day

because of our sins.

 — Divine Office Canticle, Daniel 3:26,27, 29


As long as we persevere in closing God out of our lives, we will continue to reduce ourselves as a nation and a people; we will continue to reap the whirlwind.

Lord, do not take your mercy from us.

But, I can begin to make room for Christ with my whole heart where I can..

With me.

Zion is our mighty citadel, our saving Lord, it’s wall and defense;

throw open the gates, for our God is here among us.

—Antiphon 2 DO


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