You are my King

You are my King


I don’t think it an exaggeration to say I’m experiencing some type of dark night of the soul. It’s not important what the dark night is about. Really, it’s not. What is important I’m learning, is that which many saints have taught us throughout the ages: to be faithful to the grace of the present moment and to think of nothing but Christ. I am surrendered to Him. Finally; making His will my own and trusting He will gift me with the necessary grace to overcome my weaknesses.

So, before we leave Ordinary Time and enter into the season of Advent, preparing for His coming once in history and perhaps soon again, let me proclaim with all my heart and and soul—

You’re dominion is an everlasting Kingdom, that shall not be taken away.


Your kingship shall not be destroyed.


—Daniel 7:14


Do you remember when Pope Benedict the XVI said:

God does not have a fixed plan that He must carry out; on the contrary, He has many different ways of finding man and even turning his wrong ways to right ways…


The feast of Christ the King is therefore not a feast of those who are subjugated,


but a feast of those who know they are in the hands of the one who writes straight on crooked lines.


Lord have mercy on all my crooked lines–the ones I messed up myself and those others did a bang up job distorting— I place all of them into Your mighty Hands.

You are my King.





  • Van Eyck Ghent Altarpiece


  1. Theresa
    Nov 22, 2015

    Wishing you a most glorious Feast of Christ the King!

    How well I have also learned how God writes straight with crooked lines! How inscrutable His Ways!

    “For day and night your hand was heavy on me; my strength was sapped as in the heat of summer”. (Psalm 32:4)

    But His Mercy and most perfect plan for us is steeped with His Love. How wonderful we will be celebrating a *Year of Mercy*.


    • Caroline
      Nov 22, 2015

      Thank you Theresa, It’s hard to believe we are already coming to the close of another liturgical year.
      I’m praying you be blessed with many special graces during this season of Advent. +

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